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After taking the scenic route to cosmetology school, through two undergraduate degrees and a career in makeup artistry, Elise found her perfect fit- hydrating curls, creating shapes, helping clients unlock their curl potential, and introducing stylists to the nuances of working with curly hair.  


Elise has earned cosmetology licenses in two states- Ohio and Illinois, educated over 100 stylists, and served over 3000 clients behind the chair since opening Textūra Curl Studio in 2018. She has also served on the Stylist Panel and Advisory Board for Curl Magazine and was recently featured in VoyageOhio, Curl Magazine, and on "The Big Quit" with Kris, a podcast.

Textura Curl Studio opened in October 2018, right after Elise finished cosmetology school at Brown Aveda Institute in Strongsville, Ohio. Though encouraged to find work in an already established salon, Elise was unable to find one that felt like home; a salon passionate about hair care that truly met the needs of people with naturally curly hair exclusively, so she created one. 

So, what exactly does "Textura" mean?

Textura means TEXTURE! The beautiful thing about this word is that it is the same or similar in many languages; in English, "texture," in Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, and Romanian, "Textura," In French, "La Texture,' and in Polish, Croatian, and Malay, "Tekstur." What this means to me is that textured haircare involves considerations for more than race and ethnicity. It's about the shape, composition and movement of the hair. 

Meet Elise
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Elise Burnett Boyd (She/HEr)

Curly haircutting specialist, educator, advocate, and owner of Textura Curl Studio. Book an appointment so we can talk about your #hairgoals, shows on Netflix, traveling, and music! I am really passionate about teaching you all of the amazing things your waves, curls and coils can do with the right care! 

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