Textura Curl Studio by Elise Burnett opened in September 2018, although the true curlstory started in the early 1990s. Elise, a curly girl from birth and later a cosmetologist and textured hair specialist, created Textura Curl Studio right after finishing cosmetology school at Brown Aveda Institute. Though encouraged to find work in an already established salon, Elise was unable to find one that felt like home; a salon passionate about hair care that truly met the needs of people with naturally curly hair exclusively. 

At Textura, I do my best to treat curls with the utmost care and respect. From the techniques I use to the products I incorporate throughout each service. One of my core beliefs is that curls are meant to be curls, so thermal straightening and curling are not offered services. While no product or product line is perfect, I have done extensive research to ensure that the products I use are curl-friendly and curl safe. I love your curls and I want you to love them too. Let's work toward your #hairgoals together!

So, what exactly is "Textura"?

Textura means TEXTURE! The beautiful thing about this word is that it is the same or similar in many languages; in English, "texture," in Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, and Romanian, "Textura," In French, "La Texture,' and in Polish, Croatian, and Malay, "Tekstur." What this means to me is that textured haircare involves considerations for more than race and ethnicity. Texture is about the shape, composition and movement of the hair. 

Meet Elise
It’s been a while, so I figured I’d intr
Elise Burnett

Curly girl and owner of Textura Curl Studio. Book an appointment so we can talk about your #hairgoals, shows on Netflix, traveling, and music! I am really passionate about teaching you all of the amazing things your waves, curls and coils can do with the right care!