Please read the guidelines below before your appointment. Because this is a studio specializing exclusively in natural curls, you may not receive instant results depending on the condition of your hair. The methods take time, but the results are always worth the journey.

How to best prepare your hair for your Haircut 

It is essential to abide by the following guidelines to ensure a great experience and your best possible haircut or color results. Please do not come to your appointment with slept-on, or tangled hair as it will be significantly flatter, longer, and cannot be effectively cut dry. Cutting curly hair is a visual art, so it is very important that I am able to make an accurate assessment of your hair condition, curl pattern and existing shape. Not following the preparation steps below may require your hair to be styled before it is cut, and an additional fee ($50+) will be charged for the extra time needed if it’s available.

  • Wash your hair with your favorite products or method.

  • Apply your favorite styling products as you would normally.

  • Air dry or diffuse- Use your preferred/typical method. If you air-dry, make sure you start early enough so that your hair is 100% dry before arriving at the studio.

  • Avoid tucking your hair behind your ears or using clips, ponytails, barrettes, brushes, braids, curling irons, or flat-irons on your hair as this will impede the ability to asses your natural texture. 


Most appointments are booked at two hours in length. The condition of your hair and the goal for your appointment both affect overall timing.
A credit card will be required to reserve all appointments and will be stored securely through an automated system.
All children (5-17 years old) must be accompanied by an adult. No exceptions.

All appointments will be booked and rescheduled/cancelled if needed via an online system (Acuity Scheduling)

Any guest arriving more than 15 minutes late may be asked to reschedule. If time allows for the appointment, you will be charged $15 for being 15 minutes late and $2 per minute in excess of 15 minutes up to a total of 30 total minutes late ($45.) If you are in excess of 30 minutes late for your appointment, this is still considered a "no-show" and your card will be charged the full rate for the service you requested.

Please do not bring any additional people (friends/children/spouses/partners/etc) to your appointment unless given prior permission.


If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we ask that you do so at minimum 48 hours before your appointment time to avoid incurring additional fees. If an appointment is not cancelled at minimum 48 hours before the appointment time, you will be charged 50% of your total service cost with the card on file. If you no-show for your appointment, you will be charged 100% of the total service cost.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

To cancel or reschedule your appointment, please log on to the online booking system and cancel/reschedule your appointment. If you anticipate a late arrival to your appointment, please send a text message or call the studio at (330) 322-5232.

Damaged hair

If you have hair that has been damaged due to relaxer, texturizer, keratin treatment, color, heat, extensions, braids or neglect, all possible and reasonable methods to help you transition into healthy hair will be offered. I am here to help! Please be patient and understand that it can take several visits and haircuts to reach your hair goals. Deep conditioning treatments are intended as a luxury for hair that is either already healthy or has experienced minimal trauma such as going to the beach, winter dryness, etc. NOT to repair severely damaged hair from relaxers, texturizers, keratin treatments, color, heat, extensions, braids or neglect.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with a service you receive at Textūra Curl Studio, let us know within 72 hours of your service and we would be happy to schedule an appointment to remedy any problems you may be having with your cut. Refunds shall not be issued under any circumstances.