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All haircuts are done dry so that curls are free and discovered in their most natural state. Unlike some curly haircuts, this one is created with structure and intention, not by randomly cutting away curls. Have a specific look in mind? Great! Bring a picture and let's talk about it! This service includes cleansing and conditioning, styling, and product recommendations.



Hair color is achieved using products that respect, strengthen, and fortify the curls, leaving them as healthy as possible. Lightening is only done in open air, never in foils or with heat. All color services include cleansing, conditioning, styling, and product recommendations. First time guests are not permitted to schedule color services.

Services    for

New   Guests

Curl Discovery Experience          $275


This in-depth service is for those who prefer a hands-on approach to learning about their hair. It includes:
-Thorough consultation about your hair needs/goals
-Personalized haircare game plan
-Texturacut (haircut)
-Detox + Renew treatment customized for your needs
-Hands-on styling lesson
-$25 credit to apply to retail products at Textura Curl Studio

-Styling tips and helpful hints for styling at home

Curl Journey Jumpstart           $225


To set your hair up for success, this package includes:
-Thorough consultation conversation about your hair needs/ goals.
-A personalized hair care game plan.
-Texturacut (haircut)
-Deep conditioning treatment customized for your needs
-One complimentary retail product to take home
-Styling tips and helpful hints for styling at home

New Guest Texturacut          $150


A new guest is a first time guest or a guest that has not had an appointment in the last six months. Includes an in-depth consultation, Texturacut (haircut), cleanse and condition, and wash and go styling.

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Curl masterclass 


Did you fall down the YouTube rabbit hole, buy a ton of products that promised to solve all of your hair dilemmas, and still ended up with frizzy and undefined curls? Does your “wash day” actually take all day? Do you have curly kids and don’t know where to start? You need this! Join me for an education overhaul with hands on styling lesson. Bring the products you'd normally use on wash day, all of your questions, and an open mind. Includes detox and renew treatment, cleanse, condition, wash and go styling (that we’ll do with your help!) and you'll receive a full arsenal- shampoo, conditioner, and two styling products to take home for continued success!